Pierre-Valery Tchetgen / Principal Investigator, PhD UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education / investigates the impact of rhythm production on literacy acquisition and socioemotional learning, especially when mediated by embodied, multimodal technologies. He is also interested in digital storytelling, the design of interactive music interfaces for creative expression, and their potential health applications.

Research Team

Jon Gillick, PhD Candidate UC Berkeley School of Information / brings his experience in researching, designing, and developing technologies for music creation to this research. By leveraging technology, he believes that this research offers a promising path toward authentically expanding the reach of valuable cultural practices to many children who could benefit from them.

Jeremy Gordon, PhD Candidate UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education / will leverage his experience running design sprints as well as building and launching both hardware and software-based solutions to support both design and commercial aspects of Drumball's development.


Victor Zappi / Assistant Professor of Music Technology, Northeastern University / focuses on the design and the usage of new interfaces for musical expression, embedded hardware and audio programming.

Advisory Circle

Angela Chang / Advisor, PhD MIT Media Lab
CEO/Founder at TinkerStories

Arvind Thyagarajan / Advisor, Chief Design Officer, Remix Labs

Nick Montfort / Advisor, Professor of Digital Media
MIT Comparative Media Studies/Writing

Jabari Mahiri / Advisor, Professor of Literacy, Language and Culture
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education